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pro ana pro tweak my tips

Hi, I was searching for communities under tweaking instead of the "M" word, and this is one of the ones that came up. Tweaking is defenetly something to consider if your pro ana in my opinion.

Even if you have no willpower to ration your food, or excercise all the time, you do a little crystal and most people cant even eat on that shit.

And unlike other drugs, a little will go a far way. On my first line I was up for two days and toatally forgot to even eat or drink anything(atleast drink something!) I was tweaking so hard. I was 125 three months ago, and now I am 115. Thats not a huge weight drop, but I noticed a very large body fat percentage drop, down from 22 percent to 11 percent. When a girl gets below 15 she is supposed to stop having her period, though i havnt noticed this.

Body fat percentage is the best indicater, in my opinion to go by. Some girls, even if they starve them selfs, for months have trouble getting under a certain weight on the scale because of there natural bone structure (fully developed hips, or breasts, that won't go away at a certain point). Most fitness centers give body fat tests out for free.

Anas who do it by just willpower, have a much harder time! You get so tired, and depressed. Crystal works by using the stored energy (Fat) thats already in your body. So even if your not eating hardly anything, or sleeping you atleast feel good when your doing it.

I am not saying its a good thing at all, its not. But there is some major misinformation about it. For one, it does not burn muscle more than it does fat. I HAVE NOTICED some of my freinds actually look more toned on it. Its also very hard to overdose on it you just overamp, and fall asleep for days if you are a reguler tweaker.

My personal tweaking phlosphy is to do it in cycles or binges. I will tweak anywhere from 2-4 days every two weeks. During this time I will force myself to drink lots of water(to prevent bloating) and occasional glasses of orange juice and fruite. Fruit is the o nly thing that dosnt seem discusting when i am on it. I will take calciam supplements to keep my teeth healthy, and reguler viatimines and wear lots of lotion to prevent nasty looking skin( though i desire to be thin i dont want to be ugly).

When I sleep, i will make up the time i lost double but this is where the problem comes into play for a lot of tweakers. Sometimes they get really hungary during there breaks and eat everything in site and gain back some of it, and than the bodys matabolism slows down during this time causing a weight gain.

THe trick is to eat 6-8 small,healhy snacks. I notice that when i do this my matabolism, gets a huge kick even if its in recovery fat mode. Its a bad idea to eat just two or three meals, even if they are small, because this slows everything down. Believe me when you get off a run, most people cant stop themselves from eating.

This is gross but one way I know that my matablism is running fast enough on my breaks, is if I shit once everyday or at the least evry other day.

Tons of walking while your tweaking is the best cardio because running is too dangerouse on it, and when you gacking you can do hours of walking without even realizing it.

I also work out on light weights to keep muscle tone up.

I know this is still very dangerouse advice, but tweaking is like being pro ana IN THE WAY that you eather quit, or you die before your time. But i guess thats just the sacrafice for being thinner than everybody else.I like the rush, and the euphoria, and the high of getting thinner and thinner. I like how my size 5 jeans are sagging on me now(its so much easier to find a size three in what i want than a size 7!)

Oh, I do have a question for the members on this board though. pretty much i have a boyish figure, with a narrow waist and slender but wide hips . I cant narrow my hips no matter what i do. Any tips for small boy hips? And any thin pictures anyone want to post?

-I am tweaking,excuse the bad spelling-
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